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Opinion about the Westboro Baptist group ahead. Sorry for ranting a bit, needed to get this out.

BRB, turning into a giant squid of anger (phrase coined by John Green)

So I’m watching a video where Russel Brand is interviewing some of the Westboro Baptist Assholes, and I’m having to pause it every 20-30 seconds.

I’m shaking with rage and anger right now.

I fucking cannot deal with these sick, close minded assholes.

To think that people like them walk the earth….

it sickens me.

I am NOT a Christian, by any means, and I don’t claim to be. I respect those who hold religion dear to them, and I admire that people can have that kind of faith. But the fact that these people run around and claim to be Christian angers me beyond belief. Even as an agnostic atheist, I have read the Bible twice. Granted, I was much younger than I am now, and I read through it at a Bible camp thing I went to for years, but I’ve still read it. And I know for a FACT that scum like them should not walk the earth. I believe everyone should have their own opinion, and have a right to what they believe, but fucking seriously? I’m being hypocritical right now, but these people are fucking terrible. Telling people, telling parents who have lost children, telling ACTUAL CHILDREN, that they are going to burn in Hell? Sick bastards. Who are you to tell them they’re wrong? Who are you to tell them that they can’t love whoever they want? Have you beliefs, fine. But don’t shove them on others. People have rights. Basic, human rights. Church and state are separate for a reason. 

Who are you to tell me that I can’t marry a girl? No matter who I fall in love with, I want to be able to marry them. And it’s people like you who are the reason I am terrified to tell anyone that I’m pansexual. I live in LITERALLY the second most Conservative city in the nation, and I have seen one too many people jumping on others and shoving religion down their throats. I have NO problem with religion as long as it’s not shoved down my throat. 

Don’t use these people to judge everyone who is Christian. Several of my best friends are Christian. And I love them to death. I’m the Maid of Honor at a very traditional Christian wedding in January for my best friend in the world. It’s like fandoms. Don’t judge a fandom by ONE bad/inappropriate/rude/psycho/whatever fan. Don’t judge all Christians based on this one fucked up advocacy group. There are many many many lovely Christians, just like there are some asshole atheists/agnostics. Every group has a bad side. Don’t let these people ruin your views or make you close minded towards everyone else. I have zero problem with religion, like I said before. I still love my friends, and I’m happy that they have something they take comfort in. We just happen to have differing viewpoints. And that’s okay. That’s 100% okay. 

Sorry for this rant, but I needed to get this out.

  1. orangesherbert06 said: You are amazing. This sums up exactly how I feel about them. I’m disgusted that they call themselves Christians. I am a Christian and I want to beat the crap out of them for their horrible behavior towards others. There is a special place in hell for them
  2. sonicdaggerofdestiny said: So. Freaking. True. Almost all of my friends are conservative, anti-gay Christians, and they reeeeeally piss me off most of the time for their closed-mindness. But WBC takes discrimination to a whole new level. =P
  3. bitchivealwaysbeenthealpha said: I want to slap all of those Westboro bitches in the face.
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  5. missd0llface said: I can’t stand these lowest of low scumbags! Thank you for this! YOU’RE AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU.
  6. hannibalismycannibro said: THIS! I cannot stand those people. Why is it innocent children are shot but scum like them are allowed to walk this earth? I wish I could punch every one of them in the throat. Theres no cuss words/names that can even describe how horrible they are.
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